We’re excited to bring you these @the.resilientdentist x LittleBeeFamily printable charts! Dr. Song, a board certified pediatric dentist, provides practical and research-based dental tips for maintaining good oral health for growing kids.

Tooth Brushing Chart

The first printable is a Tooth Brushing Chart to help encourage a consistent tooth brushing routine from a young age!

“This chart is a helpful visual aid to encourage kids to have regular oral hygiene habits starting from a young age. We hope your child will be motivated to brush their teeth twice a day as they record and see their toothbrushing progress throughout the week!” – Dr. Song

Thank You for Helping Me Grow

Pacifier Weaning Chart

The second printable is a Pacifier Weaning Chart to help encourage your child to wean off their pacifier over the next 30 days!

“This sticker chart is most appropriate for a child who is aware of their pacifier habit and has the desire themselves to stop the habit. There is an old saying that it takes 21 days to break a habit! Come up with a fun goal to work toward (ie ice cream, a family trip to the zoo, etc). As the child places a sticker for every day that they do not use the pacifier, they will see their progress and be motivated to reach their goal!” – Dr. Song

Thank You for Helping Me Grow

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